Pastor Jim Duffel

Maple Grove Baptist church Welcomes you!

Maple Grove Baptist Church exists to glorify God by touching our world in the Name of Jesus. We desire that all would know He is our help in life's struggles, and our Hope of Glory!  

Please contact us if we can assist

you in your journey! 

Pastor Jim Duffel

Welcome to

Maple Grove Baptist Church

Maple Grove Baptist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus in northeast Arkansas, America, and the world.

Located on the outskirts of Trumann, Arkansas, our church is a loving Christian community.

We invite you to be our guest on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for Connection Groups and 10:30 a.m. for Worship. 

Connecting with God is the first step in following Jesus. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus constantly initiated this step of connection with various kinds of people.

At Maple Grove, we offer regular opportunities for persons in our community to connect with God. The next step in following Jesus is to grow in your relationship with God. During this step, followers of Jesus learn God's truth within the context of community with other Christians.

At Maple Grove, we ask attenders to join a group so that they can grow into fully mature followers of Jesus. The destination for every follower of Jesus is to join God in His mission to serve. Jesus commissioned His disciples to serve others in the same way that He served them.

At Maple Grove, we promote various mission opportunities and we ask everyone to commit to one area of service.promote various mission opportunities and we ask everyone to commit to one area of service.



June 25 - July 2

We are going back to Guatemala!

Since the year 2000, Maple Grove Baptist Church has sent teams on mission to Guatemala to work with

Mateo Alvarado, a local pastor in Salama.  

Due to the Covid pandemic, we were unable to

send teams during 2020 and 2021. 

But we are going back in 2022!

This year, our team will, again, be working with

Bro. Mateo in Los Encuentros, just north of

Salama, Guatemala. 

As always, our team will be led my members of

the family of Gary Fulton, formerly pastor of Maple Grove

and missionary to Guatemala. 

Team kid every wednesday @ 5:50PM - 7:30PM

Snack Time starts @ 5:30pm

 (on scheduled school days)